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2021 Signage Trends

In 2020, our beloved signage industry, like many others, had to adjust to a changing atmosphere and work alongside businesses as they trudged through uncertainty. Retailers and business owners contemplated how to be successful in a “new normal”. Trends in 2021 look as though they will align with companies that are actively refreshing their brand and adapting to the ever-changing marketplace. Consumerism was particularly fragile in  2020, so this year, expect trends to be deliberate and personalized. At Reliable Sign Services, we specialize designing and fabricating custom business signs, so let’s collectively take a look at some of the signage trends we can expect in 2021:


Many businesses know their target demographics, and signage can join in the personalization in order to target the exact right consumer.   Personalization is the key to reaching more customers. Signage can be used to appeal to a particular group of people or a certain affiliation. 


This trend may not be for those with an already recognizable brand, but we’re continuing to see that less is more, especially in sign and branding design. People view tens of thousands of images, advertisements, and branded content every single day, so in order to have your brand or building stand out, it needs to be eye catching, memorable, and succinct. Cluttered logos and graphics tend to not keep people’s attention because it’s too much to take in. Some of the most recognizable, established companies in the world are changing their signs to simply reflect their logo with no wording (McDonalds and Starbucks for example). 

Technological Innovation

Technology is the result and propellor of progress. It’s here to stay, so “trendy” might not be the word for it, but we are seeing more of it and expect much more this year. Innovative signage can be creative in the way it shows an appreciation for and utilizes technology without being too much or impersonal. An example would be branding that incorporates graphics with things such as mobile devices and hashtags. Showcasing your innovative, modern side is a good idea for many businesses and organizations. This is especially noticeable in churches where it can draw in younger families without alienating older populations.   


A tech-led approach to signage isn’t for every business, but it’s a simple and modern approach to signage that can be personalized with trending messages based on current specials and promotions. For example:

  • Restaurants- digital menus are a great option that allow for easy changes. In certain settings, especially in the age of COVID-19, this can cut down on paper usage and menu contact. 
  • Hospitality- many hotels and resorts have found digital signage helpful when directing guests to meeting rooms for conventions or events because they can be changed in-house from a computer behind the scenes.
  • Churches- share the upcoming sermon title, get out information about family events, and disseminate useful contact information with colorful graphics 24/7. 

More and more industries are finding ways to make digital signs work for them. These signs can be created in a variety of sizes which helps spread your message or information in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Digital signs are well-lit and draw a lot of attention, even from a distance. It allows you to change it as needed and give real time updates or promotions. The options with digital signage are truly endless.

More than ever before, signage and branding can direct and connect people in a time of distancing and uncertainty. At Reliable Sign Services, we are able to keep moving right along despite the pandemic and work with businesses all across central Alabama. If your business is looking for ways to reach more paying customers or simply residents in your community, let’s discuss business sign options that may have an impact on your growth in and around Birmingham, AL this year. Contact us at Reliable Sign Services today! 

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