5 Benefits of Using Custom Channel Letter Signs in Business

Making a business sign stand out from the rest of its competitors is a tough job. Although channel signs—the three-dimensional signages people see in front of physical stores—are a hit among customers, they might not be enough to bring potential customers in. However, a customized channel sign might be the answer. But aside from attracting customers, what other benefits can custom channel letter signs provide for small businesses?

1. Increases Store Visibility

One of the primary reasons small businesses invest in channel letter signs is their visibility. With its attractive design, the sign will provide the company with more prominence along the street, mainly if it’s located in a small strip mall or the middle of a busy street.

2. Effective Branding Tool

Channel letter signs make the perfect branding tool for small businesses. With their extensive and visible lettering, they are the ideal way to communicate your business’ name to customers effectively.

Custom channel letter signs are also perfect for businesses that keep things simple. Unlike other signage options, channel letters can convey a lot of information about your business through a single letter.

3. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Channel letters are also energy-efficient due to their nature as a lighted sign. They use LED lighting as their light source and use less energy than traditional signs. Due to this, they can help cut back your small business’ electricity costs.

Although channel letter signs are typically illuminated by LED lighting, you can also choose a more energy-efficient option. These signs are equipped with small fans that automatically turn on during a power outage to prevent the giant letters from falling on the ground.

4. Various Design Options

Another good thing about channel letter signs is their variety, allowing different businesses to customize their channel letter signs to fit their brand. It includes the color and material used for the letters and the length of the letters. Options in design are beneficial for small businesses as it allows them to create a sign that complements the look of their store.

5. Durable Materials

Channel letter signs are constructed using long-lasting materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. They don’t easily show signs of wear and tear and are designed to last for many years without any major repairs.

Types of Businesses Needing Custom Channel Letter Signs

Custom channel letter signs are a popular choice among small businesses that want to catch the attention of potential customers and keep them coming back. But not just any facility can benefit from this type of signage.

Hospitals and medical clinics are great examples of small businesses using channel letter signs to attract more patients. It can be used to advertise special promotions, services, and more. If a patient is planning to pay for a consultation, the channel sign can be used to offer a discounted consultation fee.

Aside from hospitals and medical clinics, restaurants and cafes can also benefit from channel letters to attract more customers. It can be used to advertise daily specials, upcoming events, and more.

Banks and financial institutions also use channel letter signs to give their business more prominence along the street. The vertical and large lettering is perfect for banks and moneylenders to advertise their bank accounts, mortgage loans, and similar financial services.


Despite being commonly used for many years, channel signs can still help small businesses, especially if they’re looking for a low-cost sign that can attract more customers. However, it should not be your only form of signage. Aside from the channel letters, it is essential that you also invest in traditional signage that includes banners, flags, signs, and more.

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