7 Signage Mistakes That Can Practically Hurt Your Business

Signage is often the main visual cue that gives people clues about your product or service. Because of this, it can be one of the most important factors in building brand identity. That’s why ensuring that your business signage conveys the right message about your business to would-be customers makes sense.

Your signage can do more harm than good if you’re not careful. Here are seven common mistakes many businesses make with their signage—and how to avoid them.

Not Planning Your Signage Carefully 

Enough Planning is essential for effective signage. You’ll want to know how many signs you need, where they should be placed, and exactly what they should say. It’s also important to note that your signage should be consistent with your goal.

Poor Lighting

If you want people to notice your signage, ensure they can see it. This is especially important during the day, when bright sunlight may obscure the text on your sign. If there’s not enough light in the area where you’ve placed your sign, consider adding more lighting or moving it elsewhere.

Wrong Fonts and Sizes

The size and font of your business signs should be large enough for people to read from a distance — at least five feet away from the sign itself — and easy-to-read fonts. This will make your sign stand out and make it easier for people to find your business.

Poorly Designed Signs 

Your sign’s design should be eye-catching and clearly state the name of your business. If you’re using a sign for directional purposes, ensure it includes an arrow pointing in your business’s direction. This will help people find you without reading any text on it.

Wrong Color Mix for Your Sign

The color combination of your business sign should be eye-catching but not too flashy. While it’s important to use bright colors, so people notice your signage quickly, they shouldn’t be so bright that they’re distracting. When choosing the right color scheme for your sign, consider what colors are most commonly associated with your industry and think about how those colors will affect customers’ perceptions of your business.

Bad Spelling and Grammar

Your sign’s message should be clear and easy to read. Any mistakes in the text can cause confusion and make people question whether or not your business is legitimate. Ensure your sign’s text is spelled correctly, grammatically correct, and consistent in style. If you’re using an unconventional font, make sure it’s legible from a distance.

A Sign That’s Too Small or Too Big

If your sign is too small, it will be hard to read from a distance. If you have a large business or need to advertise on a busy road, consider making your sign larger than average so it can be seen from further away. A too-large sign can also make people feel like they’re being spammed by having the same message shoved in their faces repeatedly.


The most important thing to remember is that you want your signage to convey the right message about your business. Your customers will be confused and may go elsewhere if it doesn’t. So take some time to ensure that everything from your logo and colors down to the font size and location of your sign is all in line with what you want them to know about your brand.

Make sure you have your signage professionally designed and installed. If you’re looking for custom metal signs in Birmingham, AL, call the expert team at Reliable Sign Services today!

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