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5 Helpful Ideas for Creating Custom-Made Neon Signs

Your business’s neon sign will be one of the first things customers notice as they approach your business. As such, you want to make sure it’s designed in a pleasant, eye-catching way that’s also visible from a good distance. To achieve these goals, there are crucial considerations you should take when designing custom-made neon signs for your business.

Here are five helpful ideas for creating custom-made neon signs:

1. Think About the Message You’re Trying to Send

Making a sign with your business’s name in a friendly, welcoming, clear font can speak volumes to people. Unless you’re a brand for kids, you may want to avoid juvenile or cheesy designs that can look very unprofessional.

Consider integrating your logo or branding elements on the sign, or use a familiar image or color scheme with your brand. The messaging of your brand should translate into your custom-made neon design as well. If your sign is not consistent with your branding and its message, it may cause confusion to your patrons. 

2. Match the Sign with Your Location

Your business’s neon sign should also match the look and feel of your store since it is part of your branding. For example, a store that sells high-end, sophisticated products might want to use a font that looks classy and elegant.

If you’re located in a bustling, urban environment, you might want your sign to be more modern and flashy. Alternatively, if your business is located in a more relaxed, suburban setting, you can go for signs that look more traditional. You might use fewer colors in more rural environments and keep the design simple.

3. Consider the Size and Design of Your Sign

Consider how your business’s location impacts people’s perception of colors, shapes, and fonts that match the tone you’re trying to set. Designing the colors, fonts, and images on your custom-made neon sign is essential for the design process. 

In addition, the size of your custom-made neon sign is important because you want to make sure that the sign is large enough for customers and passersby to see. Otherwise, the sign won’t be very effective. Just make sure your sign isn’t too overwhelming, or it could look too busy for people to notice. 

4. Consider the Materials You’re Using

When it comes to creating custom-made neon signs, you will have to think about the type of materials you want to use. Depending on your budget, you may have to consider the level of durability you get for your money.

Glass is a popular choice for signs because of its aesthetic look. However, glass signs are also more susceptible to breaking from outside elements, such as weather.

If you get a custom-made neon sign that uses glass, you may want to consider adding a protective coating that can increase the sign’s durability.

On the contrary, plastic signs are more affordable and durable, making them more affordable than glass. They’re also lighter than glass, making them easier to install.

If you have more money to spend, you can consider getting a custom-made neon sign that’s made with metal, which is also very durable. However, metal signs may be more expensive.

5. Choose an Expert in Custom-Made Neon Signs

To create a high-quality neon sign, you’ll need to use the services of a professional with expertise and experience in creating custom-made neon signs. Once you’ve found a custom sign maker with a great reputation, provide your branding specifications and other information for a design that represents your business best.


Neon signs can be a fantastic way to draw customers to your business, especially if it’s well-thought and designed. If you use a custom sign designer with an excellent background, a custom-made neon sign can more than literally brighten your frontage but make your brand pop out to customers and passersby. 

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