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Design Fundamentals to Know When Making Your Business Sign

An effective and well-designed business sign can do wonders for a company. Eight in ten American consumers enter a store they’re unfamiliar with based on its sign, and seven out ten of them purchase a product or service if it’s eye-catching. With those stats alone, it’s enough to want to improve your business sign.

There are many principles designers keep in mind when they’re creating for different companies. Large-scale outdoor signs need specific care because they’ll be the first thing potential customers see. As a business owner, it’s beneficial to know even a few of them because it’ll allow you to be more involved in the creation process.

Here are the fundamental principles you can familiarize yourself with:

Make Your Sign Readable

The most important principle you should never forget is to make your sign readable. No matter what other decisions you make, if there’s one thing you must never waver on, it’s the readability of your sign.

Make sure your business sign is big enough and that the font is easy to read. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t choose fancier typefaces. You certainly can if that’s part of the vibe your brand is going for. However, it will help to make sure that customers understand your sign from any distance and height.

Eliminate Visual Clutter

Visual clutter is one of the things that can deter customers from showing interest in your business. It creates an imbalance in your sign’s text, and it could cause them to miss important information. You don’t want any unnecessary factors keeping your prospects from remembering your business name.

In addition, visual clutter can mess with the message you’re trying to convey with your sign. There should be enough negative space around your content to make your message easy to absorb and remember.

Use the Right Colors

Knowing the right colors to use in business signs is extremely important. Some color combinations can be hard to look at, turning away potential customers who might otherwise be curious about your business. If you’re unsure about what colors look best together, you can start by consulting a color wheel.

The basic rule of color theory is that colors that are right next to each other or opposite each other would look good together. However, try to keep them at the same saturation level to create a more cohesive look. Consider if your sign will be backlit or illuminated, too, as it will affect the shades you’re going to pick.

Make Your Branding Your Guide

If all else fails and you’re still unsure, use your branding as a guide. Even if you don’t have a specific brand strategy, there are always elements you can take from for guidance. They are your established business elements like the color of your business space, your logo, and even the fonts you use daily.

Using those elements to guide the design of your business signs will help make sure you’re presenting a cohesive idea to your customers. It’ll also guarantee you’re staying true to your business and the messages you want to convey.


It’s crucial to design business signs correctly as they significantly affect how potential customers respond to you. Knowing the principles above will help you make the right decisions and allow you to have a more comprehensive discussion with your designers.

Reliable Sign Services can help you with the design process. With our experience in manufacturing business signs in Birmingham, Alabama, we guarantee you’ll be getting the dream sign of your business!

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