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A Guide to Building and Placing Business Signs

A well-designed sign for a company makes all the difference for an entrepreneur when it comes to drawing in potential customers. The right signage can make your business appear highly professional and legitimate, helping you make sales and gain new customers. However, placing the signs in the right locations may be more important than having the signs in the first place. Taking the time to pick out the perfect location for each type of signage can make all the difference between success and failure in getting the word out about your business. Learn more about the proper placement of business signs with this guide.

Assessing Your Business Objectives

Your business objectives will help you determine the type of signage you may need in order to attract customers. Traditionally, there are two main types that are used for community signage. There is indoor and outdoor signage. The main difference between the two is that one is meant for inside use, and the other is for outdoor use. Both of them can be made from a number of different materials, but most businesses choose between a metal or a wooden material.Ā 

Some businesses choose signs that are a combination of both materials. You may also want to choose between signage that is made to last, such as a cut-out steel sign, or signs that will last only until the next event, which could be a banner, poster, or even a window decal.

Signage Considerations

When it comes to choosing a sign, the first thing that you will want to do is to make sure that the sign fits in with the rest of your branding and identity. Other than that, here are some other considerations that will ultimately determine how successful your signage is at attracting your target’s attention.

Location – It’s always best to place signs in high-visibility areas, such as at traffic lights and high traffic intersections, which multiple people can see at once. This helps your business become more visible to a larger audience, increasing the chances of gaining new customers. That said, it’s best not to place your signs in areas with a lot of traffic, as the signs can get damaged easily. Instead, place your signs in well-lit areas with low traffic, such as along the side of the road. If you do have to put your signs in areas with high traffic, make sure to choose signs made of sturdy materials.

Size – Try to avoid making your signs too big, as this can make the sign overwhelming, meaning people will pay less attention to the details. Instead, place signs that are simple and obvious but still large enough for people to read.

Colors – Colors can be used to grab people’s attention, particularly the colors that relate to the type of business you operate. For instance, bright red is a popular color for restaurants, as it’s considered to be an appetite-stimulating color. That said, some colors can be more difficult to read than others. For instance, if you choose to use colors other than black and white, you will want to make sure that the colors are contrasting enough to be read easily.

Illumination – It may be tempting to illuminate your signs at night, particularly if the signs are made of materials that don’t reflect much light during the daytime. However, the reflective materials are safer when it comes to traffic. If you do decide to illuminate your signs at night, make sure to use LED lights instead of standard bulbs, as LED lights have a longer lifespan and are more energy-efficient.

The Right Sign for Your Business

When it comes to putting up your own business signs, you want to make sure that you are doing it right. A poorly designed or placed sign can actually hurt your chances of getting new customers, as well as upset any current customers or clients that you may have. You can avoid the troubles of dealing with poorly placed signs by assessing your business objectives, finding out what type of signage you need, and then choosing the right location.

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