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How to Make Lobby Signs for a Fantastic First Impression

Providing a warm welcome is such an important part of providing an ideal customer experience to your clients. It’s especially crucial for businesses in the tourism industry that are properly accommodating and providing people with a place to stay, which is why hanging lobby signs by the entrance and reception area are recommended.

A well-done lobby sign will be able to welcome visitors constantly without too much time and effort on your part. Alongside that, you’re able to make your business stand out from its competitors. Uniquely establish the site under your own personal brand, and many visitors may just recall the place faster because of your lobby sign.

However, it’s not enough to just have a piece of paper and write ‘welcome’ with a Sharpie. Here’s a simple guide on how to make great lobby signs for a fantastic first impression:

Focus on Readability

A common mistake that’s made with lobby signs is bombarding it with various graphics and text since they’re unsure about what their focus should be. However, it’s paramount that you take a look at the visibility and readability of your sign over anything else. Make sure that everything looks legible during every step of the design process. Lights can also help with readability.

Pick a Good Font

Be sure to pick a good font type, style, and coloring. Certain fonts look too cursive and together, which makes them a little more difficult to read and understand. Choose a simple yet striking font instead. Run some tests on how it looks with uppercase and lowercase letters to gauge what would be much more appealing for your clients to check out. 

Visually Enhance the Design

Aim to visually enhance the overall design of the lobby sign by adding images. At the same time, try to keep things as simple as possible and eliminate any clutter that goes onto the lobby sign. If you think a certain element will simply distract the visitors from reading the message or lessen the readability of the sign overall, it’s probably an indication that it isn’t worth adding.

Use Colors Wisely

It’s a common misconception that a neon sign will do the trick, but it’s important to put better thought into it. It’s important to have a light and dark color in order to create contrast, making the sign much simpler to comprehend even from afar. For example, bright colors on a black base may be much more evident for people to read.

Find a Good Manufacturer

The design makes up a great lobby sign, but it’s important to focus on the technicalities and execution as well. Getting in touch with a skilled sign manufacturer will be important if you want to create a sign that’s excellent in quality and durability.

A poorly made lobby sign may just send the wrong message, so it’s paramount to get one that doesn’t seem like it’s on the verge of wearing and tearing down. Get great execution so that your well-made design doesn’t go to waste.


First impressions count for so many industries, so it’s best to make your welcoming area do a good job at it. Invest in a good lobby sign that your visitors can spot, take pictures with and think about as they enter your establishment.

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