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Planning for Digital Signage: Preparing for New Buildings

You’ve finally finished with your latest project, a new building soon to be your pride and joy. Before anything, you’ll want to make sure that you can grab the customers’ attention albeit with something that is sturdy. A perfect balance of the two, therefore, is what you need.

With the right planning, you can expect to purchase and install the perfect digital signage for your building. Don’t worry, the tips we’re about to share with you are now just for brand new buildings— buildings undergoing renovations will also be able to apply this into their plan of action.

With the developments in display technology, there are now countless ways for you to display your building or business name or any sort of marketing materials. Make sure you do your research by educating yourself on the many different options you might have. It should be noted that it’d be best if you can first identify what use your use-case it— will you be displaying simple text or high-resolution graphics? 

For example, in large buildings (particularly the large ones), digital signages can double as digital address books for guests. Through large touchscreens, visitors can navigate through a series of menus to be able to find where they need to go. Determine whether your business might need one so that the right preparations are taken. 

For buildings specializing in events or the like, signage meant for animated text depicting promos or other offers might be best. At least this way you can make sure that they can easily recall whatever it is you’ll be displaying. Examples of this are signages that you might find in places like waiting areas, where a few videos are played in a continuous loop.

A few more examples of what you can do with digital signages are the following:

  • Provide aesthetic appeal for an area
  • Announcements regarding special events
  • Promotional videos for special offers
  • Publicizing a schedule if hosting a lecture series or something similar
  • Displaying statistics or other bits of information

You can think of your project much like building a mall (unless you’re actually building a mall). It is best to understand the “theme” of the whole buildin. The biggest factor is the context. Learn what you can about what would be perfect with what you have planned to avoid any inconsistencies or wasted investments.

It is important to write down all that you’ve planned and to share this with any contractor or integrator you end up working with when installing the digital signages. These people are professionals and you should take their advice seriously. Consequently, it would also be important to know when you have to stand your ground on something, especially if the concern is not reliant on engineering expertise. 

The structure is one thing though but the content is another. You can get the hardware right but if the result is something that is clear yet distasteful, you can expect your investment to be more than a little disappointing. Make sure you understand your audience to make the biggest impact possible.


The point of this whole thing is that there is a need for individuals looking for digital signages for their buildings to understand what exactly happens when they start planning and installing them. The most important lesson here is that you should know what you need— after all, that’s the best and only way of knowing when you’re being fooled or if you’ve purchased and installed the right equipment.

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