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A Guide to Choosing the Best Location for Digital Signage

The placement of your digital screens can make or break your digital signage investment. Choosing the optimum location for your digital signs necessitates critical and strategic thought. This post will inform you of all the essential elements to consider when installing your screens.

When determining the ideal location for your digital signs, consider what parts of your establishment see the most foot traffic. Also, determine where your target audience spends their time waiting. You also need to consider if screens are positioned in the line of sight and if the sign is readable.

When you decide on where to place your digital signs, consider the following: 

  • Distance: Measure the approximate distance from viewers to your screens. The text and visuals should be large enough to view people from the farthest distance. If people can’t easily read your content, you’re wasting your investment.
  • Height: Don’t mount screens too high up near the ceiling where no one can see them. Mount them where people can look at them quickly.
  • Traffic: Put digital signs in highly trafficked areas where people congregate. These could be elevators, hallways, stores, classrooms or laboratories, and waiting rooms.

7 Options for the Best Placement of Digital Signages

Here are seven possible locations to choose from when determining placement for your digital signage:

1. Brick and Mortar Stores

Brick and mortar stores are the most traditional place to put digital signs. These signs attract many customers due to their ability to promote deals, bargain sales, and other announcements.

2.Hospitality Environments

Hospitality environments are also ideal places to put digital signs. Examples include restaurants, hotel lobbies, spas, or any place people would spend time waiting or going to and fro.

3. Workplaces

Workplaces can be a great place to put digital signs. These signs can be used to display advisories and important announcements. Moreover, they can be used to attract potential job candidates in current employees or even job-hunting students.

4. Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces such as shopping malls, airports, and train stations can be used for digital signs to attract commuters, travelers, shoppers, and other kinds of passersby. If you want to target a niche demographic, you can focus your digital signs to target specific establishments for your products and services.

5. On the Wall in Front of the Cash Register

As a business owner, you can choose to display your company logo, contact number, and business hours on an LCD sign on the wall beside the cash register. Helpful menu items and other details such as store discounts or special offers can be advertised on the sign.

6. Near Elevators

Other locations where you can put digital signage include the walls of your building’s elevators. If you are a doctor’s office, you can display your office hours, contact number, and directions. If you’re a hotel, you can also post your room rates, special offers, and other details for visitors to see.

7. Healthcare Facilities

Digital signs are also great for healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. They can be used to display announcements and instructions for patients and promote health awareness programs.


Places with high pedestrian traffic, traffic volume, foot traffic, and traffic count are the most ideal locations to plaster your digital signs. These signs will generate the best results in terms of visibility with potential customers, making your brand awareness skyrocket to the right audiences.

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