Does My Church Need a Digital Sign?

As a leader in your church, you probably know your community and demographics. Knowledge of the community and having a goal are two of the biggest factors when deciding on a church sign or upgrading to a digital sign. Your congregation and community are unique, therefore the question “does my church need a digital sign” doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Let’s go over some of the different reasons you may or may not need a digital sign. 


Every church has goals, whether stated or unspoken. Your church may have a goal of increasing the number of covenant members or new guests. Maybe it’s to inform the community and members about upcoming events or the latest sermon series. Your church isn’t in plain view on the road or is surrounded by other buildings and needs to stand out. The right church sign helps accomplish these goals. A digital sign is not necessarily the solution for achieving each of these. For instance, if your main desire is to encourage others with Scripture or quotes, a letter board style might best suit your needs. It gives passerbyers the chance to read the full verse or quote without having to keep up with a scrolling digital sign. Whereas a digital sign might be best for communicating about upcoming events so that you’re able to include multiple slides about multiple different dates. People who regularly pass by your church will eventually see all of them. 

Whatever your goals may be, Reliable Sign Services can make the church sign that will help achieve them! 


Did you know that approximately 85% of your community passes your church several times a month? Who makes up your community? If you’re looking to grab the attention of younger generations, a digital sign with multiple moving slides is probably the best way to grab their attention. A colorful digital sign will catch their eye and may make your church seem more modern, which will hopefully bring in younger guests (if that’s the goal). If you’re hoping to draw in younger families, a digital sign or a modern-looking monument sign may be the preferred options. 

Other Factors

As Christians, we are called yo be good stewards of our money. We want to help make sure you are getting what you need, but not more or less than that. If you have a small congregation in a small town, a big, bold digital sign might be both a financial burden and unnecessary expense. You might benefit from a nice backlit monument sign. If your church is further off the main road, a taller, bigger sign is better, although the digital factor would depend on your budget. Don’t get a digital sign just to get one. Sit down with us to go over your budget and we will find the fitting church sign. 

Why Digital?

They have the ability to grab the attention of anyone driving past the church. Unlike a church sign with letters that only get changed so often, a digital church sign allows for multiple slides daily simply by programming it with user-friendly sign software. An average digital church sign will cost between $20,000 and $30,000. 

We here at Reliable Sign Services in Birmingham, AL have designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained over 30 church signs right here in Alabama. We want to sit down with you to go over the church sign that fits your budget and needs. We will go over available options and how they might help achieve your church’s goals. Your unique church needs a custom sign.

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