Start Off Your Business With The Right Sign

Opening up your first storefront location is exciting! You’ve got a great product ready for customers and great employees who you believe in. Don’t forget to include outdoor signs as part of your advertising budget for drawing in people from all over Birmingham, AL. Just think, your sign advertises your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round! No other form of advertising can say that. So let’s talk about how to get started on your outside signage and how we can help! 

Beginning Steps


The first step to drawing in customers with a stunning sign is to have an eye-catching logo. If you don’t have anything worked up or need helping with design, we have the graphics art experience and software to help out! 

Permits and Paperwork

You will most likely need a sign permit for your outdoor business sign in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.  So it’s important to educate yourself on the local sign ordinance. This information can usually be found on your city or county website. Look for a document called “Code of Ordinances,” often found in the “Planning and Zoning” section. We can help with that too, before starting design work, so we all know what we can and can’t create. 

When signing a lease, make sure you review any criteria regarding signs and your storefront. Some lease documents will only allow for certain types of signs such as channel lettering only or may permit certain colors. Make sure to go over these (and ask questions) before signing it. 

Start Thinking About Sign Designs and Styles

After you find out what’s allowed for your storefront, the fun begins! Start by looking through our pages of signs– lit channel letters, neon, back-lit lettering, and more– to get an idea of what we’ve created in the past and to get some inspiration for your creation! Colors are important for your logo and your sign, as the right colors draw people in and the wrong colors can actually deter people within seconds. For example, red and yellow are great for eating establishments, but probably not for a medical office. Purple hues are great for places that are geared towards females, like a salon or spa. Green makes most people think of eco-friendly products or things relating to money. 

Once again, we love helping with the designing phase, but it can also be fun to start dreaming and planning. Do some research, take note of signs that get your attention, and have fun!

The Importance of an Outdoor Sign in Birmingham, AL

According to a study by FedEx Office a few years ago, nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store they have never visited before, based on its signage. Foot traffic is good, but what about sales and revenue? In that same study, 68% said they have made a purchase because a sign caught their eye! Half of consumers also said they told a friend or family member about a store because of the signage. Having the right sign, whether affixed directly to your building or out by the road, can bring you paying customers and make you money! 

Things to remember: Signage should be part of your advertising budget because of how effectively it brings in paying customers. Your sign choices have the power to draw people into your location or drive them away. This may seem overwhelming, but that’s what we’re here for! Let’s sit down and talk about what your new storefront needs and how we can accomplish it! Contact us today!

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