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4 Benefits of Using LED Pole Lights in Public Parking Spaces

The use of light-emitting diodes (LED) has surpassed the interiors of the buildings you see today. Nowadays, people use it in public spaces that require ample lighting, especially during the darkest hours of the night.

During daylight, parking lots get illuminated because of sunlight. But what about at night? Most of the time, people assume parking spaces are dangerous places due to the lack of better lighting. Inadequate lighting increases the chances of crime and accidents. However, a simple change in light may promote safety and peace of mind to visitors.

What other benefits do people get from switching to LED pole lights for public parking spaces?

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a major concern, especially for facilities keen on their monthly budget. If the funds are too tight, it may be a better option to opt for an LED pole light. On average, a standard LED parking lot lighting ranges from 40 to 60 watts. Meanwhile, the wattage for an HID parking lot light would generate within 400 to 1,000 watts.

For making a simple switch, people can easily save up to 60 percent of their usual spending on energy. Through a looking glass, you’ll be seeing more in a year—money that you can use for other projects or improvements to make the facility a better place.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Besides energy efficiency, you may also reduce maintenance costs by switching to LED. Since LED uses a different process to generate light, its life cycle lasts longer than its HID counterparts. An LED degrades at a slower rate, overcoming the functional life of an HID lamp. In effect, the difference in time frame reduces the maintenance costs of a parking area fixture for a longer time.

As most commercial lighting requires routine maintenance checks over regular intervals, using LEDs to reduce technician visits provides a cost-effective solution for expensive monthly bills. In the long run, the switch to better lights allows people to save more money.

3. Better Lighting

Most people rely on a parking lot’s ability to provide a sense of relief and security. Therefore, it only means that you must illuminate a parking space properly to assure people of their safety, mostly at night. From a lighting performance standpoint, LED distributes light at a multipoint design. In effect, it produces an equally distributed light pattern on the intended surface.

Meanwhile, HID only produces a bright spot directly underneath the features. Although the effect may be good to provide lighting around the area, the light it creates slowly diminishes as the distance from the pole increases. That’s why LEDs are a better choice as they mitigate the problem by providing even distribution.

4. Safer Choice

Lastly, using LED is a safe choice, especially for a parking space. As parking lots can get extremely dark during the night, they may become an ideal ground for accidents and crimes. However, by improving the main source of light in the area, the parking space may become a place where people feel safe and confident during the night.


Choosing LED over other light sources is the best decision to make nowadays. As the light source continuously improves over the years, the LED lights we know today may become an even better option far into the future. Keep in mind that a parking space should be a safe space, not an area where people can commit crimes against others.

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