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3 Striking Benefits of Lighted Signs for Businesses

It is vital for any business with a physical shop to have something that will attract potential customers. And even if your store is in a strategic location with a pleasant ambiance, it’s unlikely that people will give it another look if you don’t have anything to catch their attention.

In the past, business owners solved this problem by putting up signages outside their shops to advertise their products and services. And as years passed, these signs evolved into powerful tools for boosting brand awareness and exposure.

Nowadays, there are many types of business signs an individual can choose from. There are pylon signs, post signs, blade signs, and many more. In fact, you can even experiment by combining different ones to make yours look a lot more appealing.

Given the variations and options to choose from, it’s undeniably not that easy to decide which type of business sign is ideal for your brand. So to help you know whether lighted signs are the right solution for you, here are three benefits you get to enjoy with one that might just fit the plan you have in mind.

1. Increased Visibility Especially at Night

Compared to other types of business signs, lighted signs are a lot more noticeable because they glow. And additionally, the brightness coming from these signs makes it possible for passersby to spot a particular store hundreds of meters away, even at night.

So if you want increased exposure and visibility for your business, it would be helpful to invest in lighted signs that attract more attention. And if your shop is open 24/7, you’ll benefit a lot from lighted signs, as people can easily see your store even from afar.

2. Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

In a way, business signs also act as promotional tools that increase brand awareness. But unlike other marketing initiatives, a business sign will always be a part of your store—unless you decide to change or upgrade, of course. And since it only requires little maintenance, the return of investment always exceeds the cost of purchasing and maintaining one.

And even though you have to make a hefty initial investment, it’s pretty clear that lighted signs are practical advertising solutions that offer a myriad of lucrative benefits in the long run.

3. Customizable for Different Situations

Businesses need to remain flexible and versatile at all times. And to survive the competitiveness of the business industry, it’s critical to have the potential to keep up with changes quickly.

With that said, digital lighted signs are pretty helpful in these kinds of situations. There are lighted signs that are completely programmable. Thus, you can easily display messages, bargains, and other personalized content. This makes it effortless to make announcements, promote products, and greet customers.


Given all these benefits, it’s not that difficult to see that lighted signs can help businesses in more ways than one. And when utilized correctly, these nifty tools actually have the potential to create a lasting impression on potential customers, increasing your chances of driving more profit to your business.

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