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How to Prepare Your Site for a Sign Installation

It’s undeniable that signages are an effective way to grab the attention of customers and get them to visit your business. Imagine the number of people passing by your establishment every day. If there’s no sign outside, how would anyone know there are some amazing products or great services waiting for them behind that entry door? 

As effective as online marketing, there are just some traditional ways of attracting potential customers that will never go out of style, and one of those is the use of business signs. That’s exactly what our team at Reliable Signs Service in Birmingham, AL, can do for you. Whether you are looking for lighted letters, lighted poles, non-lighted signs, or other custom signs, you can get them done and know that more people will know about your business. 

Now that you know where to go for your custom signs, what should you do to prepare your site for a sign installation? Read on and find out:

Talk to Everyone Who Needs to Know About the Sign Installation

Unless you own the building where your business is at, you will have to speak to the landlord to make sure that the sign installation is approved because this could be a problem later on. Also, it’s possible that the building manager would have to be present both for the preparation and the installation of the sign for liability purposes. 

It may also be required for you to secure a license from the county government, especially if the placement of the signage can potentially be a distraction to motorists. 

Do a Site or Technical Survey

Doing a site survey is another layer of quality testing after the design procedure. This will ensure that the type of signage you are getting as well as its placement will work for your business. For instance, you’d have to make sure that the positioning is good and that people will actually see the sign. Additionally, for hanging types of signs, it’s also important to make sure that the sign will be installed safely and that it will stay in place after the installation and without the risk of falling. 

Prep the Area

No matter what kind of signage you get, it will look better on a clean surface. The best thing to do is to power wash the building’s exterior or even just the side where the sign will be installed. If it’s a vehicle wrap that you’re going to get, you should get the vehicle thoroughly washed. You should also ensure that anything that could get in the way of the installers is removed so they can work without interruptions. 

Establish Routes That People Can Use to Move Around While the Sign Is Being Installed

If you’re getting the sign installed on a normal business day, that’s fine, but you need to ensure that it won’t affect the customers’ experience. Consider setting up alternate routes and waiting areas so there would still be a smooth flow of traffic inside your office or store. 


These are some of the things that you need to do prior to the installation of your business signs. These will ensure that everything goes according to plan and that there will be minimal disruption in your operations. You might want to contact your sign maker as well to know if they have additional instructions that you have to know so you can follow them, too. 

For the highest quality and most durable business signs in Birmingham, AL, trust only Reliable Signs Service. We can make any kind of sign that you might need for your business and get you the attention it needs! Contact us today to know more!

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