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Traditional vs Digital Signage: Which is Best?

Both traditional (also referred to as static) and digital signage have their roles in informing customers and attracting business. But which one is best for your company? For the most part it depends on these factors: purpose, cost, placement, and target audience. As a business owner, you most likely already have a good idea of those factors for you, like how much you’re willing to spend on a sign and who your customers are. Let’s focus on outdoor, exterior signs in the Birmingham, AL area. We’ll compare and contrast digital and traditional signage- we’re able to give a practically unbiased view, especially since we offer both options. For our purposes today, the digital signage we’re referring to is signs with LED screens, whether as a whole or in part. 

Traditional signage

Traditional signage such as monument, pole, or channel letter signs have been around for a long, long time and are common ways to identify your office, storefront, organization, or factory. They’re particularly popular for medical offices, storage companies, and plazas. A traditional sign is great for companies with distinctive or recognizable logos. We are able to make a custom sign that includes your unique look. 


  • Less money up front
  • Monument signs are beautiful and increasingly creative with backlit and halo lit lettering
  • Makes your company look professional and established
  • Bold and aesthetically pleasing


  • Requires more effort (and money) to change or update
  • Depending on the sign and other adjacent companies, it may not stand out as much as a digital sign
  • Only able to spread 1-2 messages at a time

Digital Signage

Digital signage is increasingly popular, especially with churches, banks, and schools. It’s a great way to disseminate information and quickly change the message from week to week. For example, churches can tease the upcoming sermon by sharing the sermon title and Scripture, and schools can share multiple event dates and reminders. That doesn’t mean that a digital sign is the best option for every business or organization.


  • Easily changeable; new information can be added through a program
  • Made to be energy-efficient 
  • Sleek, modern; wow factor
  • Eye-catching way to get out a lot of information or a little bit of information with different graphics and designs
  • Customizable and personal


  • More expensive than traditional signage
  • Some messages can be missed if placed along a quickly-flowing highway
  • Need to have someone who is able to work program

The intended use of your sign will play a big role in which option is best. If your goal is to inform passersby of upcoming events, a digital sign is a great option since you can switch out messages easily and frequently. Digital signage makes the transition from information to actual advertising by displaying products, reviews, and more. Traditional signs are great for making people aware of your location and using designs, colors, and fonts that give those same people an idea of what you do and what you represent. Traditional signs are great for businesses with bold and unique logos. At the end of the day, digital and traditional work well together for the ultimate combination of indoor and outdoor signage. If you have to pick one as an outside option, it will depend on the factors we’ve discussed. We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss your business’s needs and plans. When you’re ready to discuss your options for outdoor signs in Birmingham, AL, give us a call at Reliable Sign Services.  

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