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7 Ways to Approach Christmas as a Business (and draw in customers)

Christmas is just around the corner! You’ve probably heard that a few (or a few million) times already, so what is your company doing to celebrate and draw in new and returning customers? The holiday season is a great time for a lot of companies to land new clients and, equally as important, strengthen relationships with existing customers. Here are 7 tips for spreading Christmas cheer in and around your business, and for attracting new business:

  • Appreciate Current Customers

Sending thank you notes or even Christmas gifts to current clients adds that personal touch and let’s them know that you really value their business and care about them. If you have tons of regular customers and run a bigger company, you will probably want a gift you can buy in bulk. If you are a smaller business with well-known regulars, consider something a little more personal for each individual. Just know there are numerous directions you can go and there isn’t really a wrong way to give gifts to say “thank you and Merry Christmas”.

  • Decorate!

Christmas is the time to be festive, so make sure your office spaces, websites, and social media spaces have a touch of holiday color. Similarly, the exterior of your building should look festive too, if allowed. This is a great time to put your outdoor signs in Birmingham, AL to good use by adding Christmas-themed digital messages to your rotation or decorating your monument sign. Potential new customers looking for you will get a good first impression and may consider you over another company. 

  • Create a Fun Christmas Video or Picture 

Holiday-related social media can be tricky. Consider creating a fun, humorous video or photo that celebrates the season in your own unique way. This is a great idea in 2020 in particular so that you can celebrate and let customers and employees join in on the fun while staying safe. It doesn’t have to be a professional photo or video. Something fun, inspirational, encouraging, or funny will be just fine. 

  • Discounts

This Christmas is going to be financially and emotionally taxing for a lot of people, so a discount might help some families get what they need and can help raise their spirits. There’s just nothing quite like a sale, discount, or coupon. Plus, nothing gets quite as many shares. For extra incentive to share and for extra results, you could give additional discounts to those who refer someone. 

  • Calendars for Next Year

This is a great time to create a branded calendar with your logo, name and/or slogan on it and give them out or sell them. December is when everyone starts looking for the perfect calendar for next year. You can even include your favorite Scripture or encouragement, special offers, reminders, or even coupons for each month on the calendar.

  • Reach Out to Potential Clients

If you’ve spent the year cultivating your email list, take the opportunity to reach out to all of them with a Christmas message- make the message genuine by including a photo of your staff or your family and leave marketing messages out of it.

  • Program or Decorate Your Outdoor Signage

As we mentioned earlier, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add Christmas messages and pictures to your digital signage. It’s a festive and fun way to display your information.If you have a traditional sign like a monument sign, you can easily add some Christmas lights and garland. Decorations not only make you and your customers feel merry and bright, but also draw attention to your business and make a good first impression. When you need an outdoor sign for your company in Birmingham, AL– whether digital, traditional, or anything in between– Reliable Sign Services is here to help design, fabricate, install, and maintain it. Contact us today! 

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from Reliable Sign Services!

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