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6 Ways to Market Your Business in the New Year

2020 is almost over and 2021 is quickly approaching! If you haven’t already, you need to examine your company’s marketing plan for 2021. For some, that means getting rid of their old outdoor signage in favor of a new one with a more modern design, while others may focus on finally getting new vehicle wraps to help draw attention to their services.

Updating and adding new business signs is very important for the continued success of a brick-and-mortar business in Birmingham. If you have an iconic, easily-recognizable sign that you’re not going to change, now is a good time to look over it and see if it could use better lighting or a touchup. Updating, refreshing, and adding new signage helps potential customers connect with your brand, and it will complement your online marketing efforts by instilling a sense of cohesiveness.

Here are several great ways that you can market your business with new signage throughout 2021:



Banners can help your company communicate your marketing message in a big way because they’re large and designed to attract attention. They’re particularly helpful right now as each day brings changes in opening, closing, and even delivery options, so they’re good temporary options if you don’t have digital signage to let your customers know you’re open. They can be hung outside of your shop or even advertise an ongoing sale or promotion right over the cash register. A professionally designed banner is not only quick and easy but practical and affordable as well. 



There’s no denying how effective they are at getting noticed and driving new foot traffic. They’re one of the first things that a pedestrian or driver sees when pulling up to a business, which is why so many brick and mortar businesses are using them to share health and safety messages right now. Instead of taping several pieces of paper to your door, consider putting some of those messages on an A-frame. If you own or manage a restaurant, they’re perfect for sharing the specials of the day (which you’re probably already familiar with). They offer you, the business owner, a chance to convince people on the street to enter into their shop, café, or restaurant. 


Indoor Signs

Take your indoor signage to the next level with a professionally-designed and installed dimensional lobby sign. These raised (and even backlit) signs look amazing when hanging over the receptionist’s desk and let visitors and customers alike know that they have arrived.

Lobby signs help keep the overall branding congruent and step up the overall atmosphere of your office or storefront. 


Vehicle Graphics

A vehicle wrap can help you market your business or organization while on-the-go. Your car, truck, or van will get thousands of daily impressions as people see the visually stunning graphics. The right vehicle wrap is not only eye-catching, but informative so that the viewer thinks of your company when in need of services. 

While we don’t offer vehicle wraps, we can make car magnets, which are another viable option and are very popular. They won’t harm or damage your paint and are easily removable. You can also share them amongst vehicles, so whichever company car is on the road is always promoting your organization.


Company Swag

You can use promotional products in so many different ways. You can add your company logo, website, and social media information to a limitless amount of items. We’ve noted that face masks and hand sanitizer are particularly popular items to put a logo on right now. If you recently started your business and are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, company swag is a great way to start (along with advertising and other avenues). 


Revamped Signage

If you feel like your logo or signage is outdated and can’t compete with surrounding businesses, it’s probably time to update and revamp. If you love your current setup, but feel like you aren’t pulling in as many customers, we can try to replicate it but with enhanced colors and new lights. We can even add digital signage and help catch the attention of everyone driving by! 


Start the New Year with New Signage! 

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales or promote your products or services, there’s no better way than a brand new business sign from Reliable Sign Services in Birmingham, AL. 

We have over 25 years of experience helping our clients design, build, and install the perfect signage. Contact us today to learn more about the various design and sign options that we offer!

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