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Starting Out: What to Know About Business Signage

Once you have your business up and running, it’s time to let people know you exist. Therefore, you need to get to work to get people to discover and notice you, and one of the most effective ways to do that is with signage.

The concept behind business signage is simple: You’re putting your brand on display with all the elements that represent it. However, quality signage involves a surprising amount of strategy behind the scenes. In fact, good signage can end up costing you more than you gain! 

Here are some tips to help you produce effective signage for your business: 

Make Them Visible

Location is vital when it comes to setting up effective business signs. Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate the importance of location. See, if you get it wrong, your potential customers will likely only pass by because they don’t know you exist! 

With that, you need your business sign to be in a location where most people will notice it. When installing a business sign, consider how it will be viewed, how the light will hit it, and from what angle it will be seen. 

Don’t Install It Above Driver’s Viewpoint

You may have customers traveling to your store by car, while you can also have some customers stop in at random. But if they can’t see your signage, how will they know it’s there? 

Consider the view range of drivers, which goes either 30 degrees below or above the horizon line. It’s very rare for people to lean forward and gaze up at the sky. With that, your signs shouldn’t be too low or too high. It’s best to put it at the same height as a regular road sign. Your business sign will be more visible by doing so, and you will catch the attention of drivers more frequently. 

Use Your Brand Name and Logo

If you’re only starting out, you need a memorable logo that will stick. Your brand name should be on display as well! When done right, your customers will associate your logo with your name and vice versa. 

Use Only High-Quality Signage Materials 

Business signs can be expensive, but they’re worth the investment. However, we’re not saying you should break the bank just to have a sign put up. There are different types of signs and using high-quality options means you get high-quality materials as well. 

Many business owners tend to get swayed by cheap signage. Unfortunately, this will cost them more money in the end. Business signages that are made from low-quality materials tend to degrade much faster due to the weather and other outdoor elements. If durability is a factor, make sure you get a sign that will serve you for many years. 

Be Different

When it comes to business signages, creativity plays a crucial role. Avoid basic elements, especially the most common ones used in your industry. Your signage is the first thing people will see, so create a good first impression; trust us, it will last. 

Invest in Quality Business Signage

Now that you know these tips to make your business signage work for you, it’s time you choose a reliable company that can help you out. Your business signages play a crucial role to your business’ success, so, make it count.

Reliable Signs Service provides business signs in Birmingham, AL. We have the graphic arts experience and software to create a design to bring your idea to life. Contact us today!


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