4 Areas to Place Signs and Graphics for Brand Awareness

Many businesses in the restaurant industry use graphics and signs to showcase their brand and communicate with the audience. It’s a tried and tested way of marketing a brand and attracting customers. Even during the pandemic, signs and graphics were still quite effective. 

According to PwC, 41 percent of people who shop daily or weekly say that in-store shopping is their channel of choice, making visual communications essential to your customer’s experience. 

Visual communication is essential because humans process information better when they see images or videos. To share your story and your brand, you need to use bold, colorful, and creative visual posters or marketing materials. To help you decide where to place these signs and graphics, here are five areas you can place them in your store or restaurant. 

The Register or the Shelf

It is difficult for customers to navigate a store that does not have any signs. They might have a difficult time navigating the store to find the product they need. It is also uncomfortable to ask the crew where the products are located. 

Place the signages where people quickly easily go to or congregate—such as the register or on the shelves. These areas are high-traffic because they are essential stops on a customer’s journey through the store.

The Windows

Windows are often used by businesses to tell their story. Aside from words, you can use different photos and graphics to communicate your message. You can also use it to promote your products and services while also educating them about your brand. The beauty about this is that you can use such signs to control sun exposure from the outside.

The Walls of Your Building 

The walls of your business are the perfect place to place your visual branding. Place it in a crowded place. Make sure it is designed well and properly sized. 

The better your signs are, the better their impression. You don’t want signs that are poorly placed because they can confuse and upset your customers. Before you hang the sign, review the exterior of your building. Keep them clean to stay relevant and build brand awareness.

An Alternative: Digital Signs

You can also try digital signs. Many retailers and restaurant managers can use these signs to communicate recent news on the business, such as sales or promos. You can use these to spread the word to a broader audience. The beauty of digital signs is that they can contain more than one ad or promotion, allowing the business to cycle through graphics. 

It’s not just used for promotion, but you can also use it for menu boards, tabletop displays, and so on. Digital signs provide a way for businesses to engage with customers and influence their purchasing decisions. It’s also a modern way of informing customers.


Signs and graphics are creative ways to inform your target audience and interact with them. When you utilize your store’s space and building, you can see an improvement in your brand awareness. To truly stand out from the rest, contact your local sign manufacturer.

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