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LED or Neon Light Signage: What Should Your Business Have

Any business with a brick-and-mortar establishment that wants to stand out must have eye-catching signage. In today’s age, large, printed logos are no longer enough to capture people’s attention, especially at night. If you want your signage to stand out, it should be lighted. 

Two common forms of lighted signage today are LED and neon signs. If you are contemplating which of the two you should invest in, this article will help you figure out by answering some questions and comparing them.

LED Signage VS Neon Light Signage: Which Should You Get

Which One Is Brighter?

Whether you choose LED or neon lights, your goal is to have a logo that is highly visible at night. If your priority is the brighter signage, you should know that the two exude different kinds of light. LED signs are brighter because of their high lumen/watt score. That makes them the more visible signage at night if you are looking at it from a distance. 

However, if you are after aesthetics, you should opt for neon signage. This light is warmer than LED, making it more natural and relaxing. As a result, it has a pleasant effect on people who see it. Another advantage of neon lights is how they can be rendered in several colors, making them a good choice if you want a lighted logo closer to your brand colors. 

Which Is More Energy Saver?

LED signages consume less energy, making them the safer option between the two. While it should be noted how neon signs have significantly improved their power consumption in recent years, LED is still the best choice in terms of energy efficiency.

Which Is Easier to Maintain?

Maintenance is another vital consideration when investing in a lighted signage. Between the two, neon signs require more maintenance. They also cost more because only a trained technician can clean and maintain such lights. Expect more frequent maintenance, especially during snowtime, wherein the light can be covered by snow. 

LED signages, on the other hand, do not need that much cleaning and maintenance. Regular wiping and dusting would suffice. Stains are also easy to remove.

Which Is Safer to Use?

If safety is your concern, LED signages are also shockproof in addition to consuming a lower voltage, making them the safer option. More importantly, LED does not contain any toxic materials like mercury. On the other hand, neon signs utilize high voltage and have tubes made from real glass, making it more sensitive and prone to breakage.

Which Is More More Manageable?

If you are looking for a business signage that can operate 24/7, neon signs can do the job. As mentioned, they also come in many colors, and any design is possible with this material. LED signs, on the other hand, are easily controlled using wifi and remote control. If you are looking for better and newer technology, consider LED. 


Both signages have their fair share of positives and negatives. Determine which among the options here are your priority and see which signage you would benefit from the most. If you want a lighted signage that communicates your brand visual better, perhaps a neon sign can bring your vision to life. Meanwhile, if you opt for a more cost-effective and long-lasting outdoor logo, an LED signage might be the best choice.  

Whether you need neon signs or LED signs in Birmingham, AL, Reliable Sign Services is here to provide you with your dream business signage. We are a full-service sign manufacturing company located in McCalla, AL, and we can design, fabricate, install, and service your store signage. Contact us today at 205.664.0955 to learn more. 


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