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The 6 Factors That Can Make Your Store’s Signage Effective

A business’s signage can help an enterprise stand out and become more visible. If done right, it can encourage a customer to come in and check out your products and services. It is common knowledge that signages should be placed somewhere easily seen. They should also include vital information like a logo, a tagline, and the store’s attractive offers.

But more than the placement and details, there are elements that can help improve its visibility function. If you effectively use these features to your advantage, you can create signage that people can never ignore. Here are some essential aspects to take note of:

1: It Is Clear and Readable

No matter how striking you think your signage is, it would be pointless if viewers cannot clearly see it. Business signages are supposed to give information to people about your business. If they are not legible from a distance, you may as well have wasted your money on purposeless investments.

2: It Is High Quality

Getting something cheaper is always tempting, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, when talking about signages, the more affordable route often results in degraded quality. For some customers, the quality of the sign reflects on the legitimacy of the business.

Higher-quality signage could last longer, meaning you would not have to replace it now and then. It is also a more economical business choice in the end.

3: It Is Well-Designed

Your signage design should communicate your messaging in the most aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching way. Design is crucial in maintaining a coherent and impressive look. It needs to be attractive enough to capture people’s attention.

4: It Lights from the Inside

If you want your signage to be visible at night, it needs to light up. However, you should note that aside from external illumination, your signage should also light up from the inside. Bulbs or lighting fixtures should be placed inside the signage. That way, the text or image will be more visible and less subject to glare.

5: It Blends Well With the Building and the Environment

When designing your signage, it should not only look good, but it must also blend well when placed in a specific location. For example, is there a theme in the neighborhood? Will it look good when placed against your building or facade? You need your signage to blend well with the community and the architecture of your building or store lest it appear as an eyesore.

6: It Should Address Your Needs

Signages come in different sizes, orientations, and colors. You can adjust the type of signage you have based on your store’s needs. For example, if your store is located somewhere crowded, you can compensate by investing in a bigger and brighter one. You can play around with vertical or horizontal signages—and even invest in both!—so long as it meets your goals.


You can have your signage look however you want it to look, but if you want to bring awareness about your brand and capture their attention, you have to keep these factors in mind. All these combined can create a good impression of your business. It is an easy and effective way to encourage foot traffic and communicate what your brand is all about.

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