Upgrading Your Business Space: Here’s How Neon Signs Help

When it comes to making your business stand out for success, there are different opportunities that you can consider at any point in time. From refurbishing your outdoor space to investing in new glass fixtures, the array of options that you can use to enliven your space is nearly endless. This is especially true when you approach the task from a more creative standpoint. Over time, you’ll come across certain options that will not only stand out in your eyes but also in potential customers and clients who come bearing opportunities for profit.

Considering that the average consumer or client bases a significant portion of their decision to invest in a company or purchase a product based on the appearance of a business’s premises, it pays to invest in the right improvements. As you continue to sift through your available options, there’s one particular fixture that’s guaranteed to get you the best results for your efforts: neon signs.

Why should you get neon signs for your business?

Although they’re mostly associated with old-style diners and ’50s and ‘60s interior design, neon signs bear an appeal and impact that remain relevant today. Sure, some may argue that screens grab attention the most in today’s digitally-driven era, but the fact is that neon signs have an unforgettable and unique look that can’t be replicated by anything else. At this point, it may even be safe to assume that neon signs have evolved to become one of the best lighting options in the market today in terms of affordability and returns on investments—but why so?

Here are a few key advantages of neon signs for your business to explain just how relevant of an opportunity they are: 

Advantage #1: They are incredibly energy-efficient

While you might think your inverter AC or automatic lighting may bear a significant effect on the amount that you get to save on your utilities each month, the fact is that neon signs cut down costs considerably. 

Today, neon signs are built with a new focus on energy consumption and environmental conservation because manufacturers have undertaken constant efforts to improve their products. At Reliable Signs Service, our signs use 50 to 60 percent less electricity than conventional signs that use LED modules, totaling out to a $0.20 cost per 24 hours! 

Advantage #2: They are versatile

Regardless of what your business is or what your space looks like, a neon sign will surely fit right in perfectly with the other elements in your facade.

Compared to traditional LED signs, neon bears an infinite number of ways you can use it, which is why it’s heavily used in densely populated areas like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York City. Available in hundreds of colors and flexible glass tubing work that can be bent into thousands of different shapes to go with them, these signs present a limitless number of opportunities in terms of creativity!

Advantage #3: They are exceptionally durable

If you want to invest in an outdoor fixture that’s guaranteed to last virtually forever, then it’s recommended that you put your money in a neon sign.

When you look at the statistics of the average lightbulb compared to a neon sign, you’ll quickly notice that the latter lasts at least 10 (or even 20) times longer than the former. The signs in question are guaranteed to last longer because they use a well-contained gas and controlled lighting and energy that doesn’t create heat—a factor that is usually the culprit of early breakages.


While there may be different fixtures that you can invest in to significantly improve your business’s overall look and feel, neon signs are one opportunity that you shouldn’t pass out because of all the benefits they provide. Once you invest in a sign that suits all your needs, you’ll be able to see significant improvements in everything from your footfall to your energy bill!

At Reliable Signs Services, we take immense pride in providing the best neon signs in Birmingham, AL. If you want to help your business shine with the best light around, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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