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4 Tips to Use Church Signages to Attract More People

Think of the reason you’re active in your local church. Most people join a church to band with individuals with whom they share a religious connection. As your church expands, you will feel a greater desire to spread the word and live out a mission through more members. 

In this day and age, there are many tools and avenues you can use to attract potential members of your church. You can use social media, a custom website, emails, attend special local events, and advertise across town. However, you can also go “old school” and use an inviting poster or big church signs to catch people’s attention.

Before you dive into the process of creating a church sign, it’s important to remember that it should reflect your church’s mission, vision, and goals. Additionally, it should give people a sense of who you are as an organization. This way, you give new visitors a glimpse of the people they are about to meet. 

If you remain unsure, we can help you get to the bottom of it all. Here are tips for using church signages to attract more people:

Tip #1: Use Strong Branding for a Sense of Affiliation

Of course, you’re not the only church in town. It is normal to be surrounded by several church groups, but you have to distinguish your church from the rest. This way, new members will feel that your unique qualities, character, and mission are worth learning. 

Once you solidify these components, you may employ the services of a designer to create your branding. When you accurately portray your church, you provide new people with a sense of belonging.

Tip #2: Be Clear with the Details

Attracting visitors is not enough. Often, we have to lead the way for new members. This means your signage has to give them essential details such as the when, where, who, what, and how. Such information has to be evident to new people so that they are called to act without asking too many questions. 

In short, use your signs to point them in the right directions. Note that consistent signs are vital to make guests feel welcome and comfortable, especially if it’s their first time. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Visitors Updated

Prominent signages don’t have to be plain posters. Consider a changing banner that automates all your announcements if your church has upcoming events, seminars, and fundraisers. This way, your visitors will be up to date constantly, and they will feel more encouraged to engage in the opportunities you present them with.

Tip #4: Be Brave with Your Creativity

Yes, you want to attract more visitors and potential members, but the only tangible way to do this is to be innovative and creative when it comes to your church signs. 

Use your church sign to establish a strong sense of place for your church family. Consider incorporating abstract components and bright colors to represent themes, such as arcs and circles to represent inclusivity. At the same time, brighten up your signs to symbolically show your visitors that your church will illuminate their way of life.


Having a physical sign may help you reveal a lot about your church and pique visitors’ interest. The fun part here is that you can include essential details, craft a unique design, pick a slogan, and customize it according to what your church represents. 

The most crucial aspect of your church sign is that it must show people that your doors are welcome to all those willing to worship. Once you use these tips, you’ll be guaranteed to host a more prominent church family than ever before!

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