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Outdoor Signs: Why They Are Worthy Investments for Businesses

Businesses always go to great lengths just to put their brands out in the open. They may employ conventional marketing techniques such as print advertisements or maybe invest in viral marketing campaigns. The market is always competitive, though, so it stands to reason that many businesses are often competing for the same customers. To stand out above the competition, some companies use outdoor business signs which display their brand.

There have been many innovations in advertising, but outdoor advertising remains a method still used even today. It’s more effective for businesses with physical stores because all they need to do is display a sign, and it will attract customers. These signs can also be kept in one place, which means that there’s minimal effort involved in owning outdoor business signs.

So, why exactly should you get outdoor signs for your storefront? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

The Importance of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs serve many purposes for a business. These include:

1. Draws Attention

Good placement of your outdoor signage will help you get the attention of prospective customers should they walk through the street where your store is located. 

An outdoor sign works best if it’s hung just above eye level, stands at a distance, or is posted along the side of your store. People walking by is almost always a guarantee no matter the location, so an outdoor sign is sure to get their attention.

2. Sparks Interest in Your Brand

Once your sign attracts the attention of passers-by, it can also hold their interest as well. After all, your outdoor sign is essentially the face of your brand. However, your sign’s role doesn’t stop there. You can use a tagline to communicate a message better and incorporate graphics that can make people remember you later on.

3. Claims the Location

If you run a smaller business in a location where there are other bigger establishments, you surely don’t want to be pushed back into the shadows. Using outdoor signs helps because you can liven up the location and establish your business’ reputation there as well. You’re not there to compete—you want your business to be known.

4. Creates Brand Awareness

Your outdoor sign is essentially an advertisement piece, so it’s sure to raise awareness of your brand one way or another. To build brand awareness faster and better, your sign must let people know that your business is there to save them from their troubles.

Why Outdoor Advertising is Effective

On top of what you could do online to make your brand known, outdoor signs are still crucial for the following reasons:

  • It drives sales. Lots of companies see positive results in their business whenever they get new signs for their storefronts. Many customers often make purchases just because a specific sign caught their attention.
  • It prevents loss in business. Many customers admit to driving past unfamiliar businesses just because of poor signages. If this is the reason, those customers may keep looking for other businesses that can help them, particularly those with clear, concise signs.
  • It serves as clear visual communication. Customers are always on the lookout for instant solutions to their problems, and outdoor signs have the power to do just that. If an outdoor sign perfectly advertises the brand, chances are prospective customers will jump at the chance of availing of whatever they’re selling.


Outdoor signs are a good investment because they bring brand awareness to your business. It’s also the face of your business, so having one in front of your physical store will help attract customers. That said, remember to keep this guide in mind as you invest in the right one!

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