4 Different Types of Monument Signs That Are Catchy

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, a commercial property, or a public facility, you know how important it is to have a sign. Without a sign, your customers will have no idea that your building or property exists. Monument signs are by their very nature a landmark sight. It’s an effective tool to engage with the passerby, catching their attention and persuading them to make a stop inside your building. 

In case you haven’t put up a monument sign yet or are planning to replace your existing sign because you think it’s ineffective, we have listed down some of the different types of monument signs that can grab the most attention. 

Here are the different kinds of catchy monument signs that you can choose from: 

1. Panel and Post Signs

One of the most common and simple monument signs you can choose is the panel and post signs. This sign typically displays helpful information and is printed on two sides for excellent visibility to passersby from both directions. Its material is usually lightweight and versatile, and you can even choose different color combinations, according to what you like. If you want to choose from various shapes and sizes, panel and post signs have a wide range of choices. 

You don’t have to worry if your sign will not be seen in the dark because a panel and post sign is perfect for both daylight and nighttime. You have an option to add externally illuminated backgrounds so that it will work well any time of the day. 

2. Banner and Pylon Signs

Banner and pylon signs can definitely give your business an added edge because you can target the masses with these signs due to their height. They are typically mounted high in the air, offering excellent visibility even at a distance. 

Pole banners are flags that hang from a pole or pylon, like a lamppost, whereas pylon signs utilize a single cabinet that is situated between two poles or posts. If you have multiple businesses in a single establishment, pylon signs will be your perfect choice. If you have an event or announcement in your business, consider pole banners to convey your message. 

3. Digital Displays

If you want a really catchy monument sign, you should definitely consider digital signages. Digital displays are more modern and elegant. They come in many designs and styles, and you have the freedom to put anything you want on the LED panel. If you’re worried that this type of monument sign is not visible during daylight, don’t be because it also works well even with direct sunlight. 

4. Reader Boards

While this sign does not provide that much catchiness, many are still using it because it’s functional. Reader boards are flexible because most of their kind can allow you to change the information anytime you want because of their removable sections. 


These different signs are catchy, and they work well for almost any kind of business or property. However, they will not be as effective as you’d expect them to be if you haven’t considered the factors that can make them effective. You must note that when putting up a monument sign, you must think about the environment, distance, and color contrast so that you can choose the best monument sign suitable for your building or property. 

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