Writings on the Wall: The Benefits of LED Signs for Churches

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world. It did not only highlight the flaws in our medical care system, but it also upended the global economy. In other words, it turned the world upside down. Thankfully, the arrival of the vaccine led to the return of some semblance of normalcy.

With that said, have you thought of how you can bring back your parishioners? You might immediately think of local print ads, but this is expensive. Then consider LED signs. They are considerably cheaper compared to print ads.

LED signs are effective tools to reach out to your neighborhood. As mentioned, it is also cheaper. If you have doubts about its efficacy, you should pay close attention to this article. Here are some of the benefits of installing one:

Officially Announce Your Opening

You should spread the good news, but for sure, you also have a budget to think of. With that said, installing LED signs will tell passersby that the church is now open for in-person services. Doing this will not only catch the attention of old members but will also draw in new ones. 

What is even greater is that you can put up eye-catching graphics and animation. The youth will surely notice this. Again, this alternative is cheaper compared to a traditional advertisement.

Provide Important Safety Information

We cannot highlight enough the fact that printed advertisement is far more expensive than LED signs. Its price might be driven by its efficacy. Most periodicals charge by the word, so you would need to deliver your message with fewer words.

Insisting on putting up a printed ad would mean that you will not be able to give out necessary safety information. On the other hand, a led sign will allow you to include health updates and rules from the local government, such as social distancing requirements, mask mandates, and sanitized stations. Doing this will make the congregation feel more comfortable to go back.

Continue Virtual Church Options

As mentioned earlier, most periodicals charge by the word. This fee is quite steep and will limit your creativity (not to mention your message). By installing LED signs, you can also tell your congregation that you will still upload your services.

Doing this will ensure that everyone feels they are still part of the family. It will help your community to grow. 

Advertise Upcoming Events

Do you have an upcoming event? In that case, why not advertise the occasion on your LED sign? This effective advertisement tool will give you a chance to tell your congregation about the festivities without putting a dent in your budget.

Doing this will make your congregation feel optimistic and hopeful for the future. The event will make them feel excited. Considering that Covid-19 is still ravaging the world, a few joyful moments will make a big difference to the lives of everyone.


When it comes to LED signs, it is most important to put it in a place that can be seen by everyone. The sky is the limit when it comes to design because you are not hindered by the cost.

Now that you see the numerous advantages of outdoor signs, especially church signages, you should immediately reach out to Reliable Signs Service. We can help you get your parishioners excited about praise and worship while highlighting the church’s unique personality. Contact us for more information!

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