Read This before Buying Business Signs for Your Lobby

Your lobby business signs will be the first thing your clients see when they come to your office, so it is important to make sure that it is a strong representation of your company. A well-designed lobby sign will make your clients feel welcomed and give them a good impression of your business. But before doing that, read this to prepare for buying business signs in your lobby.

Learn about the Different Kinds of Business Signs

This will help ensure you get the signage you want at the correct price.

Dimensional and logos are letters and logos raised off the surface of a sign, usually made of acrylic; an acrylic panel is a piece of acrylic material floating off a wall; while a backlit sign is a sign that has lights behind it to make it illuminated.

Always Send the Sign Makers Vectors

Business cards and business signs require a vector file of your company name and logo. This file should be in .eps or .ai format.

A vector image is a graphic image created using lines and curves. These images can be scaled to any size without losing quality because they are made up of mathematical points that create lines and shapes. When you zoom in on a vector file, it will look just as crisp as when you were zoomed out.

This is opposed to a raster image, which is made of pixels and will become blurry and distorted when enlarged.

Do not send these to your supplier:

  • JPG and PNG. These are made up of pixels, so when you zoom in, you are just seeing a bunch of tiny squares.
  • PDFs are okay files for the quotation, but not for actually making the sign since they are of low image quality.

Know the Material You Want

The metal look is a popular color choice, giving off a brushed satin look. But ultimately, this usually follows your brand guidelines.

Your supplier can create colors based on either standard material colors or specific brand colors. If you have a particular shade or hue in mind (e.g., from a Pantone chart or color code), they should try to match it as closely as possible.

The colors of the business signs and the walls they will be mounted on should contrast slightly. This will make the sign more visible. If the sign’s colors cannot be changed, consider painting the wall with an accent color contrasting the sign colors.

The most common materials for 3D printing business signs are foam, PVC, acrylic, and aluminum. They follow the same sequence in terms of durability, with foam being the least durable and aluminum being the most durable. They also follow the same sequence in terms of price, with foam being the least expensive and aluminum being the most expensive.

Plan the Lead Times

When ordering custom business signs, inquire about production lead times to ensure that your sign will be completed by your desired deadline. It also gives the supplier enough time to draft, submit, and finalize the design.


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