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3 Qualities of a Successful Shopping Center Monument Sign

Shopping is always a fun experience for anyone, but retail business owners know the competition is fierce everywhere. The addition and boom of online retailers made shopping centers a dog-eat-dog space, so it takes more to draw in huge crowds amidst all the rivalry. 

Digital marketing can help direct people to shop at your shopping mall, but having signages like monument signs in malls is integral in guiding traffic and appealing to passers-by. Visibility is key in standing out in shopping centers, so the right retail monument sign leaves a lasting impact that increases your chances of welcoming shoppers to your store. 

What Makes an Attractive and Effective Shopping Center Monument Signs?

Monument signs are freestanding boards that are often placed at the entrance of shopping centers. The right signage can invite new tenants, but what exactly do you need to consider when creating an effective shopping center monument sign?


The best monument signs for shopping centers capture attention from a distance, which means the placement will have a significant impact on your signage’s visibility. Not only should a successful monument sign be noticeable from the road, but it should also promote recognizable brands that compel shoppers to stop by at your center for a much-needed shopping spree.


Placing lack-luster monument signage beats its purpose. Even if the monument signage draws eyes from miles away, it won’t encourage shoppers to choose your center above the rest of your competitors since many malls can offer the same renowned brands. 

What differentiates your shopping center from the rest is your branding, one that can give your mall a unique feel. Well-crafted brand identity also promotes a “premium” impression for the more lucrative shoppers, but more importantly, it also says your shopping center delivers a shopping experience unlike any other. 

Ease of Maintenance

Great monument signage doesn’t only focus on attracting shoppers, but it shouldn’t give you a hard time maintaining its pristine condition. Signs that easily wear out will make your shopping center look outdated, dingy, and unappealing, but modern and fresh monument signages give your mall a welcoming and sociable vibe. 

The Bottom Line: The Impact of an Attention-Grabbing Signage to Promote the Need for a Shopping Spree

Shopping centers are busy areas that play an important role in almost every community, but what can you do to stand out as more malls emerge left and right? Monument signages can shift the tides and invite more people to shop in your stores, giving you a competitive edge as it increases the value of your retail business. 

How Can We Help?

Signages are powerful marketing tools that can grab attention to your business, and Reliable Signs Services is one of the best companies to help set up your visually compelling prints. We offer custom sign services in McCalla, Alabama, so contact us today and see how we can supercharge your shopping center signs so more people will want to shop ‘til they drop in your store!

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