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4 Elements to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Sign

When we’re looking for something to eat, we always tend to first look at a restaurant’s sign. A restaurant’s sign gives us an impression or an idea of what to expect from their menu. If your restaurant’s sign does not highlight your menu or services offered, chances are your customer for the day might get a bad impression and might not return. 

To prevent this, you should consider getting the right restaurant sign for your business. There are several key factors to consider when creating or choosing a restaurant sign. Read on below to know more about picking the right restaurant sign:

Your Target Market

When designing your restaurant sign, you should consider your target market—everything should appeal to them. If your target market is children and their parents, the sign must look vibrant and joyful. If your target market is adults,  on the other hand, the sign must look simple yet elegant. 

For people who are health-conscious, the imagery on your restaurant sign must reflect healthy food choices. Simply put, your sign is what attracts customers in the first place, so you should make a sign that’s in accordance with the demographic that you’re serving.

The Right Colors

Colors are the first thing that people will notice with your restaurant sign. To make it work, you have to choose colors that represent your restaurant and align well with your brand. It’s also best for you to pick colors that are very visible. 

Red, for instance, is a popular color for restaurant signs since it grabs people’s attention. It also gives the impression of affordability, making it a great choice for a family-oriented or fast-food-style restaurant. 

If your restaurant caters to upscale citizens, however, then colors such as white or purple can be a good choice since those colors scream sophistication and exclusivity. 

If your restaurant caters to the health-conscious, such as vegetarians, various shades of green will work best. After all, green is the color of nature, and it will work well with signs since the color evokes a sense of freshness and eco-friendliness.

The Right Fonts

To ensure that your restaurant’s sign is effective, the lettering on it should be visible and readable. This is important, especially if your establishment is situated on a road with significant traffic. You will want to attract customers who are driving by, so your signage should be read fully in a matter of seconds. 

Fancy fonts can be an option, but at times can give potential customers the wrong impression. More often than not, they would think that they won’t be able to afford whatever’s on the menu. For this reason, make sure to choose your fonts wisely!

The Type of Sign 

Choosing signs for your restaurant isn’t just putting letters and colors together to display at the front—you should also consider what kind of sign you want. A good example would be an illuminated sign, which is a sign made with lights. If an illuminated sign is made with neon, it can certainly grab the attention of people passing by. It can also add to the overall ambiance of your establishment.


Your restaurant sign should be well-thought-out to attract customers. This also ensures that you cultivate a good brand presence, as well as the chance to enhance customer retention. Thanks to a striking and well-executed restaurant sign, you’re well on your way to becoming a better business. 

Restaurant signs are vital to any business. If you’re looking for a creator of business signs in Birmingham, Reliable Signs Services has got you covered! Aside from neon signs, we can also make custom, digital, and monument signs, to name a few. Contact us today and allow us to help!

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