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3 Ways to Grow Your Church

Every church wants to see growth. While you may not be focused on the numbers, you still want to grow your church- reaching more of your community for the Gospel. While there are practically hundreds of ways to do that, we know that prayer is the first step. What are some practical next  steps you can take? Work on your welcome, extend your reach, and make your church visible (figuratively and literally). 

  1. Welcome, welcome, welcome

What a visitor sees, hears, and experiences during their first few steps in the door of your church will largely determine if they’ll come back again. They’ll remember if anyone spoke to them and offered a friendly handshake (or wave in COVID-19 times). Someone who feels welcomed will stick around and may even come back several more times because of it. Whether or not you’re a part of the “greeting team”, try to remember what it was like to be a visitor in a new church, and offer a seat near your family or invite them to lunch after church. 

Remember, even regularly-attending members need to be warmly greeted and welcomed to church. 

  1. Increase digital accessibility 

The concept of digital accessibility is an increasingly important one for churches. The goal, of course, is for the congregation to literally congregate in the church building and fellowship together. The reality is that some cannot physically attend church because of a disability or medical condition, others come down with sickness the night before, and even others are out of town for various reasons. Live streaming a service, or at a minimum having a way to watch the next week, is a game changer. Anyone anywhere can join in remotely and still have access to a body of believers. While it may not be the cheapest or easiest way to grow your church, it will most certainly spread the Gospel through your community and farther with the added benefit of simultaneously drawing in younger families and elderly members. 

  1. Attract newcomers

There are several ways to draw in new persons and families to your church, one of which we just mentioned above. It’s important that people know where you’re located, what times you hold services, and what events are coming up. This needs to be accomplished digitally and visibly. Social media continues to be one of the top ways to get the word out and invite the community to your services and/or events. It reaches a lot of people quickly, can be shared by members, is easily shared across multiple platforms, and is adaptable to your budget and abilities. If your church doesn’t have a regularly posting Facebook page, you’re missing a huge opportunity to draw in new members. A surefire way to make sure people know about you is with the right church sign. It needs to be highly visible, close to the road, and contain up-to-date information. Your church sign needs to be eye catching, informative, and large enough to read. We can make that happen if your church sign needs updating or modernizing. How is your church sign? Reliable Signs in Birmingham, AL can help you with your church sign from design all the way to installation and maintenance. Let us help you draw in new members. Contact us today! Feel free to browse through just some of the many church signs we’ve made on our church signs page. 

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