4 Digital Signage Mistakes Financial Institutions Must Avoid

Digital signages are quite popular in many financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. However, some of these institutions might not be utilizing their digital signage correctly. With the money you’ve invested in digital signage technology, you’d want to avoid these common mistakes that may end up harming your business.

1. Repetitive Content

Some financial institutions tend to leave the same content on their screens for weeks, and this is a waste of the digital signage’s ease and speed of updating content. Additionally, regular customers may be turned off by the repetitiveness of your content and advertisements.

It’s best to keep your content fresh for your customers. Create a marketing schedule that includes updating the content you display on your digital signages. 

When brainstorming for new content, think about new information, products, and promotions your customers need to know. Make sure to keep your content entertaining so that your customers will become interested in what you have to offer.

2. Lack of CTA

A common mistake many financial institutions make is failing to provide the next step. When you’re displaying content regarding promotions, products, and services, you simply do not stop at awareness. Now that your customers know about these things you are offering, what’s the next step?

Make sure to always include a call-to-action (CTA) on your digital signages. For example, if you’re advertising a new app for easier online transactions, encourage your customers to download it. Provide a link they can go to or perhaps a QR code they can scan. 

3. Sales-Focused Content

While providing sales content is essential, it should not be the only type of content you provide. Bombarding your customers with constant promotional content will only overwhelm them and maybe even discourage them from buying into what you’re advertising.

Aside from your sales content, you should also provide other content for a better balance. For example, you can provide informational content of different how-tos and FAQs to make some of your processes more efficient. 

4. Failure to Use Touchscreen Capabilities

Your digital signage’s touch screen capabilities offer so much potential, and failing to utilize them is a waste of opportunity. For one, by providing self-service touchscreen kiosks, you can cut down waiting time and provide more efficient service. 

Through these touchscreen kiosks, customers can check out FAQs, obtain a waiting number, book an appointment, and more. You can even request feedback from your customers with polls and surveys using touchscreen signages. 

In Summary

It’s not enough to have content to display on your digital signages. You also have to evaluate whether you’re using them to your advantage or detriment. Avoid repetitive content and provide your customers with fresh content that is both relevant and entertaining. And try to diversify your content by not solely focusing on sales and promotional content. Give people helpful and interesting content, and don’t forget to include a CTA, so customers will know what the next step is. Lastly, utilize your digital signage’s touch screen capabilities since they can make things more efficient for your customers. 

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