4 Types of Channel Letters and What They Offer to You

Are you looking to set up a brand-new sign for your business? Well, have you ever considered channel letters? Channel letters are essentially large, individual letters, shapes, numbers, or any other characters that are used for exterior signages. They are also sometimes referred to as 3-dimensional letters or even pan channel letters.

You may have seen channel letters in various places, such as Starbucks Coffee or even Google, placed in front of their respective buildings. You can have the same thing too! However, there are different types of channel letters you can have, and today, we’ll talk about a few to help you pick the right one:

1. Front-Lit

Front-lit channel letters are one of the most common types of signages being used by companies today. These can be found in almost every store in the country.

Typically, they are seen as a sign that is lit up during the night, and that lights up the store’s name in the dark. The lights themselves are housed inside the letters that are made out of plastic in the front, allowing the letters to really pop from the background.

2. Halo-Lit

Halo-lit channel letters are also fairly common, although they’re a little more different than front-lit channel letters. As you may have guessed, these channel letters are given halo-like lighting, giving them a floating look.

How is this pulled off? The channel letters themselves are usually raised off the surface they’re on. Then, lights are put behind them to shine out, giving them sort of a luminescent aura. Sometimes, these channel letters may also have a more transparent side to them, making the floating look even more apparent.

3. Open Face-Lit

Open face lit channel letters are, as the name implies, open in the front. There’s no face to them, and the back and sides of each letter are usually made of reflective material like aluminum.

As for the lit part, lights are employed inside, typically neon lights. They line the inside of each letter, giving the letters a shiny front. Also, because neon lights are used, specific colors can be picked to add a pop of color.

4. Back and Front-Lit

Finally, back and front-lit channel letters are a mixture of front lighting and backlighting. These are perhaps the priciest and also most attention-grabbing channel letters of them all.

In essence, a back and front-lit channel letter is a mix of front-lit and halo-lilt channel letters, giving them a floaty look and still a pop to them that really makes them stand out, especially during the evenings or in dark places.


Channel letters are a great way to enhance the exterior look of your building. They add a certain touch of pop and flair that can really add some points to your business.

However, you have to make sure that you get the best possible channel letter for your business. This is why we’ve listed down a few of the most common types of channel letters and the major differences that each of them has. Understand your needs, know what each option has to offer, and you’re going to get the most out of your channel letters!

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