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5 Creative Tips to Remember When Creating Outdoor Signs

The exterior of your business needs well-designed signage to effectively communicate your brand and entice the customer to come inside. 

The way you design your signs will play a big part in the customer’s perception of what they will find at your business. Form and content go hand in hand, and both are critical in helping customers understand your message.

With these creative tips, you’ll be able to create outdoor signs that will effectively communicate what you want.

1) Get the Best Possible Location

First and foremost, you want to make sure your business sign is in the best possible location. It’s important to make sure it is within clear sight of the road or street. Research what customers see as they approach your building or business location and make sure you get your sign in a good position to be noticed by customers. 

Having your sign in a great location will help customers find your business more easily. It will also help to get your business more attention from the community and local press.

2) Remember Color Theory

A great tip for outdoor signage is to keep in mind the color theory. It is a color wheel, where the three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) are evenly spaced around the wheel, and the three secondary colors (orange, green and violet) are located between the primary colors.

Color theory is an important aspect of design that you need to keep in mind when creating your outdoor signs, especially if you’re looking to make an impression on customers.

3) Get the Right Size

The size of your sign is a factor to consider when creating your outdoor signage. You want your sign to be clear and distinct to be able to compete with other signage, such as billboards.

A great way to determine the right size is to measure the distance from the sign to the road. You want the sign to be large enough to attract attention but not too large so it doesn’t block other signs. Make sure your sign is big enough to be noticed but not so big that it will block other signs and possibly make it hard for drivers to see.

4) Make It Personal

A great way to make your outdoor sign more personal is to add photos to your business signs. It will help customers remember your business and is also a great way to add life to your signs.

It also helps to make sure that the photos you use have stories to tell. High school yearbooks, prom photos and childhood photos are great ways to show customers who you are and what you stand for.

5) Create a Visual Impact

It’s important to choose a graphic that will make an impression on people. You want to make sure it stands out and gets people talking, especially when they pass by.

You can also go a step further and paint the graphic on the wall of your business building. Customers will see it as they walk by and it will also help with your branding efforts.


With the right combination of colorful graphics, the right message, and well-thought out design, you’ll be able to create effective outdoor signs that will make a great impression on customers.

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