5 Surprising Benefits of Using Halo Lit Channel Letters

Brick and mortar companies in today’s competitive market require eye-catching signage to engage and attract clients. Channel letter signs have several benefits in this area, and halo-lit signage is one of the most dramatic and aesthetically beautiful kinds of channel lettering.

What Are Halo Lit Channel Letters?

A halo-lit channel letter is similar to a traditional channel letter, except that the lighting elements are visible behind the letter. This type of channel letter is also known as reverse lighted, backlit, or halo-lit; however, all phrases refer to the same thing. When the light is turned on, the lighting is visible around the letter borders, producing the “halo” appearance.

The letters are frequently manufactured with space between the letters and the wall. They are backed with clear polycarbonate to prevent animals from creating nests or water from affecting the wiring.

Many cities and towns around the country prefer halo-lit channel letters over internally lit cabinet signs or other types of lit signage. Compared to alternative solutions, halo-lit channel letters are claimed to lessen light pollution and seem more elegant. Here are five benefits of halo-lit channel letters explained. Read on!

1. Versatility

Halo-lit channel letters are versatile in terms of lighting and the materials used in the fabrication process.

For example, neon lighting is a classic choice for halo-lit channel letters, and many people like the nostalgic feel that neon letters create when lit.

Many halo-lit sign companies will use LED lighting for halo-lit channel letters because LED lights are more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Halo-lit channel letters with LED lighting have a sleek, modern feel.

Many halo-lit sign companies use different colors for different letters to make the overall effect more dynamic. A mix of colors will also help your halo-lit channel letters stand out from the competition.

2. Visibility

Halo-lit channel letters are easy to see at a distance, even with low lighting, making them excellent for use in locations where other signage options are not as effective. Halo signs, along with other types of channel signs, are sure to catch the eye of potential customers, especially when the lettering is done in a familiar and memorable font, such as the classic Roswell font or the more contemporary New Dynamic font.

3. 3D Effects

Another significant advantage of a halo-lit sign is the 3D effect. Many customers will likely find your halo-lit channel letters more appealing to the eye because they have a more realistic, three-dimensional shape when compared to flat signs. Halo-lit channel letters look modern and sleek and help attract people to your store.

4. Special Effects

You can choose to make a dramatic statement with your halo-lit channel letters for special occasions. You can buy letters that change color to correspond with the season or your brand, such as letters illuminated with blinking lights for different holidays.

You can also create a unique effect for an important event, such as the anniversary of your company or your grand opening.

5. Low Maintenance

Another advantage of halo-lit channel letters is that they are very low-maintenance. Halo-lit channel letters are perfect for businesses in areas with less than optimal weather conditions. Even in harsh, rainy climates, halo-lit channel letters are not at risk of rusting or deteriorating.


Halo lit channel letters are becoming more and more popular as businesses look for ways to get noticed. Channel letters are already a significant investment, and halo-lit channel letters are a great way to further that investment.

Halo lit channel letters are sure to make your business stand out in today’s competitive market and build loyalty with your customers.

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