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How the Right Signage Can Increase Your Sales

Today we’re going to explain how the right signage can increase sales for your business. If you’re considering new business signs from Reliable Sign Services in Birmingham, AL, you may be wondering about the return on your investment. If you’re spending money, you want to see money come in, right? Well good news! The right signage can make a big impact, draw in new (and returning) customers, and even increase your sales. Of course, we’re making no promises or guarantees, because it’s up to you to sell your product/service effectively. But we can help create and manufacture the signs that help get people’s attention and draw them to your business.  Signage (indoor and outdoor; digital and traditional) does the following:

Increases Visibility

If you want your business to succeed, it needs to be visible. The right signage will make your business more visible to consumers. If your physical store is located off the road where it’s hard to see or is surrounded by several other offices and storefronts along a busy road, you will need outdoor signs. Pylon signs are great for this purpose. Digital and monument signs are also a great option, while channel letter signs might not be best for your store off the main road. The right signage will increase customer awareness of your physical store, let them know the different products or services you offer, and alert people of special promotions you are running.

The more people are aware of your presence and what you have to sell, the more chance you have of selling to them. Signage is a simple yet very effective way to inform your target markets and thereby increase sales. 

Builds Your Brand

Branding can become one of your most valuable assets. According to Neilson’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, almost 6 out of every 10 people surveyed said that they prefer to buy new products from brands that they already know and are familiar with. Brands surround us everyday- we could name dozens right now- and they all started off somewhere, right? Start building your brand…if you haven’t already. Designing and installing custom signage that builds your company’s brand through consistent colors, fonts, and imagery that makes your business more recognizable to your customers will help build their trust in your company and will make them more likely to buy from you.

Attracts Attention

A well-made, attractive looking sign can attract the attention of your customers- new and repeat. What gets people’s attention in general? Vibrant colors, interesting graphics and shapes, and a clear, concise message. Eye-catching signs will help people remember your store and draw attention to your business.

Digital signs can further help to catch people’s attention as they stand out from their surroundings and illuminated signs can catch their eye at night.

Alerts Customers about Promotions

Who can resist a bargain? Having both exterior and interior signage that alerts your customers about discounts, promos, or limited time offers will encourage them to make a purchase or use your service.

Limited time offers and events work especially well to increase sales as they persuade potential customers to take immediate action.

Promotes Your Company Image

Think about this- your signage is most likely the first thing that your customers will see. It’s essentially a first impression of your company. What does your first impression look like right now? Customers will often judge the quality of your product or service by the look of your sign. Your signage, inside and outside, need to reflect your image. A law office is going to have a much different image and sign than a pediatric dentist’s office. And that dental office will have a different image or goal in mind than a local bar and grill. Signage needs to reflect that image, and that oh so important first image can make a big difference in your revenue.

Announces Changes

Change isn’t always seen as a good thing, but for your company it could mean a season of growth. A time of change for your business can be a great opportunity to attract curious consumers. So, you should use signs for exciting moments in your company history such as a grand opening, a change of management, or the introduction of a new product line.

This is another reason digital signs are so wonderful- these types of announcements can easily be added to your existing sign for practically no extra cost! Business announcement signage can promote new interest in your company and help increase sales.

When your business is ready to make an investment that could very well bring an increase in revenue, contact us, Reliable Sign Services in Birmingham, AL so we can discuss business signs for your company. We work with small businesses and large corporations, so we’re ready to start your signage project as well. 

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