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4 Potential Issues Where You’ll Need Neon Sign Repair

Neon signs are quite an iconic sight to stumble upon, from the glow that it gives off to the vibrancy of the color. Many businesses can benefit from having a neon sign outside of their establishment because it can draw attention from plenty of folks to visit the place.

However, neon signs can be quite a task to keep up. If you’ve ever tried to fix a bad neon sign, you’ll know that these things are not exactly user-friendly. Many come with complicated wiring, fragile parts, and other little quirks that you can’t help but find frustrating.

Some parts of neon signs can inevitably break down and need repair to keep them in good working condition. The worst-case scenario is needing a complete replacement. Be sure to call up the proper maintenance services to help you out.

Here are a couple of potential neon sign issues that can’t be repaired:

1) Flickering Lights

If your neon sign keeps flickering, it’s likely because of loose internal wiring issues. This is an issue that can’t be solved by a simple repair, as it’ll require professional work to be done on the wiring and circuitry. Otherwise, the light will be erratic and annoy people in the area.

Flickering is a serious problem that needs to be checked out as soon as possible. You don’t want to let this go for too long because it might lead to other issues later on. Fortunately, there are maintenance workers capable of fixing the problem before worse things occur.

2) Dead Bulbs

If some neon sign light bulbs are out, electrical connections need to be checked out. This is a common issue that trained neon sign maintenance services can easily fix. However, some faulty connections can be difficult to figure out and lead to more serious situations.

Make sure that the wiring is sound throughout the entire length of the sign. The wiring can be checked out by your repairman by removing it from its spot and checking out the contacts. Allow them to apply a little bit of pressure with a screwdriver to test the integrity of each connection.

3) Shattered Lights

If you notice that a few of your neon sign lights have gone out, then it could be the result of broken glass. The typical reason why this occurs is due to constant vibrations, which can be caused by the wind and other weather conditions.

Check to make sure that the glass hasn’t fallen down. If it already has, then you’ll have to get a complete replacement from a reliable neon sign provider. Secure the glass bulbs inside next time and place them in a less precarious spot.

4) Electrical Incompatibility

If you have an older neon sign made in the 50s or 60s, then the electronics inside might be incompatible with the modern-day power supply. This can cause the neon sign to act up or create a fire hazard because of the unstable power.

A neon sign is a great way to attract attention, but you don’t want a fire to be the reason for that. Get a replacement for such neon signs as soon as possible or have it rewired. Avoid having to deal with such problems due to electrical incompatibility and check quickly.


Neon signs are excellent ways to grab the attention of potential customers and establish a great image for your business. However, you’ll need to make sure that the fluorescent lights are in good working order by repairing them when necessary.

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