Tips for Making and Using LED Signs for Advertising

Outdoor signs do a lot of work for your business and can determine how much attention you can bring in from a glance. In an ever-populated scene of different businesses and competitors, it can be just what you need to get a leg up.

In order to maximize their effect, take note of the following tips for LED sign creation and usage.

Use Iconic Imagery

Most people are naturally visual creatures, and you want to play on that fact. So, don’t feel trapped in just using text. Figure out images that you can feasibly use and evoke exactly what services or products you provide.

For example, a bakery with a cake sign can draw people in. If you’re in tech, you can do a sign with a controller or monitor. The brightness of an LED can already draw initial attention from passersby, so you want to make sure that your first impression is favorable and actually tells them something about what you offer.

Emphasize Your Signatures

Since LED signs have the ability to have different fonts and colors, use them to your advantage. Try out a few different styles and see what sticks and what makes sense for your business.

Get a color palette that not only looks eye-catchy but feels distinctly related to your existing brand colors and vibe. You want onlookers to associate this with your business, so you want to emphasize points that really bring your name to mind.

Don’t Go Overboard

Even though LED signs have a large canvas to work with, it doesn’t mean you should use every inch of it. This is especially true for smaller signs that need to be seen from far away. It’s easy to get carried away and construct larger signs with more content, but this will ultimately hurt your message clarity.

You don’t want things to look messy or muddled because that will just end up doing nothing for your business. Stick to some key elements and perfect those to create a great LED sign.

Keep it On-Brand

If your LED sign is on the outside of your building, it should be something that reflects on the interior of your business as much as the outside. This way, passersby will know exactly what they’re going to get inside or what they should avoid.

You don’t want something that feels out-of-place for all the wrong reasons. After all, people still have better retention for businesses that have brand consistency.

Place LED Signs By Windows

Your LED signs should be in places where they’re highly visible from the outside. That way, people can see them, but you don’t have to worry about creating something intrusive.

A good spot that you can’t go wrong with is window placement. This helps protect the sign against the elements but still keeps it visible so that you can keep it running throughout the day.

Use Key Points in Interiors for Good LED Placement

If you’re using LED lights inside, you want to stick to areas with enough traffic and visual attention. So, you want to consider points where visitors will need directions or will likely hang around and make a purchase or transaction.


LED is pretty much the future when it comes to business signs, so these tips should help you adopt them for your own needs. While adding an LED sign is an investment, it’s a worthwhile one, and it can definitely help bring in more people to your business.

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