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Level up Your Business Sign With These 5 Monument Sign Trends

You may not realize it, but monument signs are everywhere. You can find them in malls, office buildings, medical centers, churches, and more.

Monument signs are low free-standing signs that are usually made of brick or stone. In some cities, local ordinances mandate that business signs be monument signs. The signage type may be mandated, but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring.

Here are a few signage trends that may help level up your monument business sign.

Make It Match

If your building has a distinctive architectural feature, try to emulate it in your signage. Suppose that your company is in a beautiful red brick building. In that case, opt for a monument sign that uses red brick as a base. This would tie it with the rest of the building and make it recognizable. Think of it as your building’s matching accessory.

Typically, monument signs will have stucco, brick, and stone as the base. But if none of those options feel right for you, you can go with a pre-fabricated foam sign. Foam can be made to mimic any material to match your building’s architectural features.

Make It Belong

Monument business signs need to stand out to catch people’s attention. But it doesn’t have to look awkward and out of place.

You can commission a sign with a color palette that complements the landscape. Some business owners even seek landscaping services to make the land surrounding the sign more inviting and visually pleasing. 

Make It Light Up

The low height of monument signs may make catching people’s attention challenging, especially when it’s dark out. One way to win against this hurdle is to add lighting to monument signs.

Some business owners install top lights to illuminate the sign from above, while others place floodlights at the sign’s base. But more modern signs choose to use internal LED lighting to create stunning signs that, quite literally, glow. 

Make It Curved

Classic monument signs are straight blocks. These signs usually show the business name in front, at the back, or on both sides.

A more modern approach to the monument sign is making it curved. A curved sign with the business name wrapped across it makes it visible in any direction.

Make It Interactive

The letters in a monument sign are typically permanent and stationary. That’s why you need to think of ways to make it pop. 

Some business owners add changeable copy panels to their monument signs to interact with their customers. They use the changeable acrylic letters to make quips and witty jokes to catch people’s attention. You can go with this route or add a digital board instead. It offers the same level of interaction with less effort.


A monument business sign is a way for businesses to advertise their name, showcase their brand, and capture the attention of potential clients. That’s why some companies spend a lot of time designing the perfect signs for them.

Although the current trend is to make monument signs match the building, complement the landscape, light up, curved, and interactive, the best sign design is one that fits your company’s branding. Just remember to follow the sign fundamentals, and you’re good to go.

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