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How To Choose the Right Business Sign For Your Lobby

Business signs are vital when it comes to enhancing your customers’ experience in your physical store. When you design them well and strategically place them in front of your establishment, they can effectively inform your customers of the services and products you provide as well as your values.

Aside from having an outdoor sign, you should also have one in your lobby. Lobby signs contribute to establishing your company’s branding and creating a connection between your business and your customers by building a good first impression. However, these things are only possible if you design and execute your sign well.

Here are some tips you can follow to produce a beautiful and functional lobby sign:

Decide on the Type of Sign You Want

Having a business sign in your lobby is like establishing a first impression with your customers once they enter the building. It’s your chance to hook them in and keep them wanting to know more about your business. It’s your identity marker, so it’s important to choose the correct type of sign.

Some of the most common signs are channel letters, three-dimensional letters, neon signs, wall murals, vinyl banners, and even floor signs. When you’re making your decision, you have to make sure it suits your business space and the industry your company is in. For example, if you’re running a spa, a vinyl banner in your lobby isn’t the best option. Instead, you’ll want something more sleek and sophisticated, like three-dimensional letter signs.

Consider Your Sign’s Compatibility with Your Store

Your sign needs to be compatible with the rest of your store’s vibe. Aesthetics are just as important as functionality when giving your customers the best experience. You can improve the ambiance of a store by harmoniously combining different design elements to form a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing view. When creating your business sign, you have to consider how your commercial space is designed.

To help you make the right choices for your lobby’s sign, think about your business’ branding style and the color palette and lighting you’ve currently got going on. When you use these things as a guide, you can pick out the right size, style, and framing of your sign’s letters.

Make Your Sign Legible

Aside from looking great, your lobby sign should also be legible. Customers should read it in less than a minute. Legibility is what dictates a sign’s functionality. Make sure it looks professional and uniform. Of course, it doesn’t have to seem basic and boring. Your sign also needs to captivate your customers’ interests. But it shouldn’t be hard to read.

To make sure your sign is legible, you can put it to the test by setting it in artificial and natural light. If it passes both instances, you’re guaranteed to have a sign that anyone can understand. If it struggles in either kind of light, you can make some changes in its colors or font size.


A business sign is incredibly useful in helping customers remember your business name. In a world where there’s a lot of competition to consider, the right sign could be the one thing to tip the scales in your favor. It reinforces your branding, provokes favorable emotions in your customers, and helps you establish a professional presence in your industry.

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